Ott vs Globular Mix - PsyAmb 92

British psychedelic dub producers Ott and Globular are two my favorite musicians when it comes to psydub. I've been following both artists since before their debut albums hit and I hope to be enjoying their evolving sounds well into old age. 

For this mix I've selected a number of tracks from each artist's albums without the use of any remixes.

Both Ott and Globular have an extensive, superb sounding remix collection. There are plenty of tracks where they have remixed other artists, as well as having been remixed themselves. To the best of my knowledge they have not remixed each other though ! 

Anyway, as I say, this is purely album based tracks here, so if there is anything you like the hear of be sure to check out their albums.

Ott's albums on Bandcamp

Globular's albums on Bandcamp

Cheers ...

Track / Artist
  • 01. The Continuum Process  -  Globular
  • 02. Somersettler  -  OTT
  • 03. Infinity Inside  -  Globular
  • 04. One Day I Wish To Have This Ki  -  Ott
  • 05. To The Other Side Of Fractal Phase Space  -  Globular
  • 06. The Aubergine Of The Sun  -  Ott
  • 07. Gateways  -  Globular
  • 08. The Queen of All Everything  -  Ott
  • 09. Concinnity & Chaos  -  Globular
  • 10. Shower Of Sparks  -  Ott
  • 11. [42]  -  Globular
  • 12. Adrift In Hilbert Space  -  Ott
  • 13. The Missing Quanta  -  Globular
  • 14. 16mm Summer Day  -  Ott
  • 15. Temple of the Pollinator  -  Globular
  • 16. Baby Robot  -  Ott
  • 17. Dimension Extension  -  Globular
  • 18. Jack's Cheese And Bread Snack  -  OTT

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High Visions - Psychedelic Coloring Book

I am pleased to announce that after much effort and 1000 fine liner pens later, my psychedelic coloring book "High Visions" is now available for purchase on Amazon ! 

I started working on this project close to one year ago. My sister noted that many of my doodles and sketches looked kind of similar to what was going on in the adult coloring book world and suggested that I look into it. Thanks to her initial inspiration and continual butt kicking it is now a thing !

Inside the book you will find over 30 unique designs from flowing organic mandalas to trippy hallucinatory horizons. If you like challenging coloring books or psychedelic related art then you might get a buzz out of this. 

To check it out on Amazon follow this link :

  • Sample images ( click to view larger version )

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